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Therese Walsh is the co-founder and editorial director of Writer Unboxed. She is dedicated, together with a panel of esteemed contributors—including New York Times Bestselling authors, industry agents, editors, and thought leaders–to providing quality essays on the craft and business of fiction.

Writer Unboxed was named one of the best 101 websites for writers by Writer’s Digest in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and was named a ‘best of the best’ site in 2016.

The first Writer Unboxed book, called AUTHOR IN PROGRESS, will be published in the fall of 2016 by Writer’s Digest. It’s a book filled with advice about what it takes to really get published, and involved the participation of all Writer Unboxed contributors. (Learn more HERE.)


Here are a few articles Therese has written for Writer Unboxed over the years, but do check the archives at for more articles on the craft and business of writing, and their list of 100+ past interviewees. Write on!

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Driving the Deadline

Agents and the First Two Pages

Turn Your Query into a Golden Ticket

Something Isn’t Right. Is it My Query, or My Manuscript?

Help for a Query Hater

Writing the Synopsis

Marketing the Fuzzy-Genre Manuscript

Inside-Out Agent Hunting

An Almost-Published Writer’s Guide to Not Being Stupid

Is Your Online Presence Serving You? An Important Q&A About Amazon and Iindie Bookstores

How a Book is Made

Four Months and Marketing

On Platforms and Opportunities

About BookBuzzr, a Publicity Tool

A No-Regrets-Pre-Pub Push

Building a Facebook Ad

Public Speaking

Do Authors Choose their Covers?

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Wellness for Writerly Wrists

The Problem with BIC (butt-in-chair)

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Literary Illusionism

The Trouble with Frosting

Flow and Drafts and ????s, Oh My!

Tighty Writies

Are You Swaddling Your Manuscript?

Plots Unboxed

Writing the Big Story

Tinker-Free Writing

Weapons of Mass Instruction

Fighting the Sag in 10 Steps

Unhappily Ever After

Once Before a Time: Prologues

Once Before a Time, Part Two


Flip that Manuscript!

Chiropractic Editing

The Unpubbed Writer’s Seven Deadly Sins

A Sure-Footed Voice

The Lure of the Implausible-Authentic

Humanizing Bad Guys

Make Your Manuscript Less Bathetic

Scene: “ACCPT” or Rework/Dump?

Killing Darlings

Antagonist & Contagonist

Out with the Old: Lessons from an Almost-Author

On your Mark, Get Set…Pre-Plotting Basics

Answering Questions on Characterizations

How to Make Readers Cry, in Six Steps

One Hundred Interviews

Something isn’t Right. Is it My Query or My Manuscript?

Writing to be Heard: Audiobooks

A Necessary Torment

Untangling Story Knots in Six Steps

Voice Q&A: Evil Narrators and Guy Talk

Voice: An Agent’s Perspective

The Uniqueness of You

Nine Strategies for Surviving the Second Book

Be Extraordinary


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Immersion, and Stalling for Spot Research

Judging your Internet Catch

Turning X’s Into Y’s: Guy Talk that Works



Music Lessons

The Writer’s Cave

The Power of FLASH!

The $300,000,000 Challenge

The Music of Language

Just-Right Advice

On Timidity

On Brains: Is Right for Writers?

When All Else Fails, Laugh: Rejection

Homestretch Writing

Why I Write

Trusting Yourself

Inspiring Characters into Being

The Secret

Hoping for the Best, Deciding There’s Some Good in the Worst (reviews)

It’s All About the Cheesecake

Five Strategies for Inspiring Creativity

The Fearless Craft

The 10 (or 11) Greatest Writers’ Anthems of All Time


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